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Apartments near UNC

Apartments near UNC

Discover the prime location of Link Apartments® Calyx in Chapel Hill, NC, and explore the surrounding area of your new home. Conveniently situated in a highly sought-after neighborhood, our new apartments near UNC Chapel Hill offer easy access to a plethora of amenities, entertainment options, and renowned educational institutions. Let our property guide you to your perfect living experience.

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Around the Meadowmont Neighborhood

Located in the heart of urban life, our apartments near Research Triangle Park immerse you in the energetic culture and rich history of this charming city. Known for its prestigious University of North Carolina, top-notch medical facilities, and thriving arts and music scene, you’ll easily be able to embrace your new home base.

Link Apartments® Calyx is just a stone's throw away from the renowned University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Whether you're a student seeking proximity to campus or a faculty member looking for a convenient commute, our new apartments near UNC campus boast excellent proximity to this esteemed institution. Enjoy easy access to academic resources, cultural events, and the energy that comes with being part of a thriving university community. Not father along, you’ll find the Research Triangle Park, ideal for professionals seeking proximity to this world-class research and development hub. Experience convenient routes like the I-40 and I-85, allowing you to minimize your commute to Raleigh and Durham with the added bonus of maximizing your work-life balance. Embrace the opportunities for career growth and collaboration in the fields of technology, healthcare, and innovation that Link Apartments® Calyx in Chapel Hill, NC offers.

And most importantly, your Link to what you love is right within reach. With an array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options from trendy boutiques and upscale restaurants to eclectic cafes and lively entertainment venues, it’s clear our city has something to satisfy every taste. Explore nearby hotspots, and ensure you never miss out on the local culinary delights, retail therapy, or exciting entertainment opportunities.

Find yourself in the convenience and excitement of the heart of North Carolina, with the help of our new apartments near UNC Chapel Hill. Find your way to the best that the area has to offer, from prestigious educational institutions and thriving business hubs to dining and entertainment venues. Contact us today to experience the exceptional location of Link Apartments® Calyx as a resident. Your new home awaits!